Thursday, October 19, 2017
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About Us...

Welcome to, the home of the St. Benedict Youth Choir.

We are a committed group of individuals who celebrate mass every Saturday at St. Benedict Church in Rexdale. Some of us have been here from the very beginning. Many have joined us along the way.

We love music and that’s what keeps us strong. We are proud and extremely excited to present our gift of music to our family, friends and fellow parishioners, who have supported us through the years.

Mass Schedule

Regular Weekly Mass Schedule
St. Benedict Church

2194 Kipling Avenue

- English Mass in Church
St. Benedict Youth Choir Celebrates
8:00am - English Mass in Church
Siendrom Tigley, Musician
9:30am - English Mass in Hall
Spirit Song Folk Group
9:30am - Italian Mass in Church
Italian Choir
11:00am - English Mass in Church
St. Benedict Adult Choir
12:30pm English Mass in Church
Tammie Cancelli, Musician
During Lent
Mass every evening
Monday to Friday in the church

We Remember ...

Rod Wyatt - Father of Paul Wyatt (former choir member and dear friend) and Husband of Peg Wyatt - Choir Helper
Rosalinda Ocampo - Grandmother of Ione Almeida - Choir Member
Ted Haber - Father of Jaclyn Haber (former choir member)
Maria DelleMonache - Grandmother of Stephanie DelleMonache (former choir member)
Eleanor Fabro - Grandmother of Sarah Fabro - Choir Helper
Pompeo Petrini - Father of Vanessa (Past Choir Helper), Sarah & Adriano (Past Choir Members).
Nicolina Mariano - Grandmother of Linda Bruno - Choir Helper

News and Announcements!

Registration Process!
Visitors to our website! Remember! You don't have to be a choir member to register on this site! All are welcome! A valid email address is necessary for registration. If you have any registration problems or questions, please send Tammie an email at

Congratulations Lieutenant Governor of Ontario - Mr. David Onley!

Congratulations Honourable Mr. David Onley!
Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

We are very proud and honoured to have been
requested by you and your family to sing at your official swearing in ceremony on September 5th, 2007
at Queen's Park in the chambers of
the Legislative Assembly!

The Christmas Collection CD
The St. Benedict Youth Choir officially launched their highly-anticipated second CD, "The Christmas Collection".

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